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 Mission Statement

We are a collective of wineries and tasting rooms dedicated to the promotion and preservation of urban wine culture in Seattle.

What makes the Seattle Urban Wineries experience unique?


Clearly we love Seattle and want to make our wine here! We love wine in all its aspects. Many are immersed in the social aspect of wine and creating a mood and place to drink and enjoy it. Many of us are wineries making wine in Seattle, and since many people want to see where the wine is made, this makes the SUW experience unique. We have all made considerable efforts to pursue wine, whether it be making, marketing, or selling it. Our common goal is that we are all ecstatic about Washington wine, and we do it in Seattle!

The initial idea of Seattle Urban Wineries was to form a marketing cooperative of local Seattle wineries and bring the wine buying public to Seattle rather than watching them travel to Woodinville. Guests could visit each of the wineries in one day which the founding members valued as it would help each of them. Originally called Seattle Artisan Wineries (SAW), the founding SAW group was composed of Fall Line, Cadence, Nota Bene, and O.S. Winery. Wanting to join in the fun and marketing, Bartholomew Winery, Cloudlift, and Laurelhurst initiated a meeting at Bartholomew's where SAW was disbanded and rebranded under the current label: Seattle Urban Wineries. These seven wineries took the lead in making a Seattle tasting experience first rate and local.

The first SUW event was a wine and chocolate event for the entire month of February in 2011. 

Now as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, and having crafted a vision for the future, this organization provides participating wineries and tasting rooms located in metropolitan Seattle with marketplace recognition, promotional opportunities, enhanced business, and social and political strength. The organization and its member wineries aim to bring awareness of the superior wines and experiences to be found in Seattle, not only to consumers in the city, but far beyond. 

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